16 insanely easy to follow weight loss motivational tips

When it comes to losing weight, one common factor that many people learn the hard way is that it is easy to start but hard to commit to.

The main reason for this is a majority of the people who are trying to lose weight go through what is called yo-yo dieting or weight cycling.

Yo-yo dieting or weight cycling is the repeated loss and regain of body weight caused by dieting.

Research has linked this type of dieting to potential health risks in adults.

If you are in this category of persons, sooner or later you feel your motivation waning.

Fear not as this is just part of the process in the journey of weight loss.

Below are 16 of the easiest weight loss motivational tips ways to keep you on track and get your sexy back!

1. Set sensible goals

When trying to lose weight, the first thing that you should do is actually set sensible goals in order to stay motivated.

Be realistic in the amount of weight that you desire to lose in a specific period of time.

Instead of planning to lose 100lbs in just a month, start and aim for 10 to 15lbs a month; this way you get to see results sooner and thus stay motivated.

2. Keep a journal

During a weight loss journey, if you have a specific goal in mind, it is usually hard to see the small milestones that you overcome in your weight loss journey.

To motivate yourself in this journey of weight loss, keep records of what you eat, what you did right, what you did wrong and make sure to keep stats on any new changes to your body.

As you see changes in stats, you will stay motivated in your journey.

3. Celebrate every achievement

Knowing that you have actually stuck to your weight loss plan gives one quite a serene feeling.

However to stay motivated take it a step further and actually reward yourself for work well done with something worthwhile like shopping or having a spa treatment day.

Ensure that in doing so you do not reward yourself with unhealthy and fatty foods as this will be mitigating your efforts.

4. Differentiate between slip-ups and failure

As no one is perfect, every once in a while you will fail to stick to your weight loss plan to the tee.

When this happens, understand that this is part of the ups and downs of weight loss journey.

It is not every day that you will feel up to working out or eating steamed kale or boiled broccoli.

If this happens, get back on track as fast as possible and don’t let the feeling of slip-ups mean the end of your weight loss efforts.

5. Keep a photo album

Many people who have been successful in their efforts to lose weight echo the fact that keeping a photo diary is important.

As it’s easy to concentrate on a number off a scale, many people fail to see that their efforts are actually paying off visually.

To stay motivated to lose weight, get in the habit of taking photos every other week.

As the days go by, you will see changes in the way you look and thus be motivated to keep on going even if the scale says otherwise.

6. Don’t ban foods

Banning of what is considered bad foods is one method many people employ to lose weight.

Unfortunately, this seldom works when you truly want to lose weight as the cookies and candy bars you so love become a craving.

To stay motivated in your weight loss journey, ensure that you indulge in these foods once in a while.

This eliminates the cases when you start viewing the whole process as a punishment.

7. Think beyond numbers on the scale

One universal way to determine if you are on the right track in your weight loss journey is to use the scale.

Unfortunately, this is not always the accurate way of determining if you are making any positive changes.

To stay motivated, ensure that this is not the only way that you determine your success as it can be misleading.

Use other means like getting a feel if your clothes fit better and the likes.

8. Bet

Money has always been a great motivator is everything else does not work.

As always many people fear losing money and hence betting on it is always stay motivated.

Get a friend, coworker, family member and tell them of your desire. Better, though, set a goal with your workout partner and put some money on it.

9. Accountability

If you are the fortunate few that actually have a workout partner for support, get more from this relationship and be accountable to them.

This means that you get to report’ yourself for any mischievous behaviours that might sidetrack your weight loss efforts.

If you don’t have it, announce it on social media platforms.

It is harder to let people down especially when they will be reminding you often about the whole affair.

10. Weigh weekly

To ensure that you do not get discouraged during weigh-ins, limit the number of times that you actually measure yourself.

This means that you keep tabs on changes in your weight once a week at most.

As weight fluctuates often during weight loss journey due to change in muscle weight and water weight, doing so every day can be quite discouraging.

Hold off weighing and enjoy weigh in days where you do actually see a positive change in weight that will be enough to push you for another week.

11. Visualize the new you

One of the most easiest tips is to visualize the new you as a way to stay motivated.

Get in the habit of thinking about changes it will make in your life, like new clothes or shoes you will buy.

Connect it with new activities you will be able to participate in and you have the greatest motivation to stay on track.

12. Rethink weight loss strategy

Do not make your weight loss journey a do or die situation.

By doing so, you get to sabotage your every move and thus feel pressured and forced to lose weight.

This means that you get to attach the all or none attitude that makes it harder for you to continue in the process especially if slip ups do occur.

Focus on the small achievements and take the journey one stride at a time.

13. Forgive yourself

As mentioned, slip up will occur.

This, however, does not mean that your previous efforts to lose weight have all been undone simply because you couldn’t say no to that scoop of ice cream.

Forgive yourself for the slip-up and get on with your plans and exercise regime.

As a note, limit the number of slip ups and you will see the weight coming off.

Article source : – phen375.

14. Write reasons for losing weight

Jot down the pros and cons of losing weight.

Personalize this to your own life and get to see the benefits of getting rid of that love handle, ranging from sleeping better, traveling or improving your chances of getting a date.

Do this and read it every time you want to give up to stay motivated.

15. Sign up for charity

Sign up for bigger projects that are directly related to how fit you are like half marathon events.

This ensures that sticking to the weight loss journey is no longer only about you but for a better cause like raising money for a charity event.

In all, it is hard to let down people who look up to you even if you are a cold hearted individual.

16. Buy smaller clothes

Finally, get in the habit of buying a size or two sizes smaller.

The money invested should be incentive enough to keep you going.

At the most you will have to lose weight in order to wear that marvellous pair of jeans that cost you an arm.

At the very least wearing them without losing weight means you risk looking hideous and a laughing stock, a fact avoidable if you stick to your weight loss plans.