A Wedding Fitness Plan

Getting married is one of the most exciting events in most people’s lives.  Some brides may not have the figure to fit in their dream wedding dress and so a pre wedding diet and wedding fitness plan can help them shed that weight!  A fitness plan is simply a combination of a dietary plan and a workout plan as the two go hand in hand. The fitness plan you come up with will depend on how much time you have left to the wedding day and the number of pounds that you intend to lose.

Things to include in a wedding fitness plan

Foods the best meals for quick wedding fitness should have high fiber content but low calories. Weight loss is all about losing some calories therefore you should ensure that you consume less calories and burn more. Your meals should contain a lot of vegetables like spinach, kales, broccoli and you can even make your own vegetable soup. You should also include a lot of fruits for their high fiber content and nutritional value into your diet.  One should avoid eating fried foods and fast foods like chips, pies, muffins and cakes as these contain a lot of calories.

Drinks you should avoid the following drinks in your wedding fitness plan:

Soft drinks like sodas and industrial prepared juices. You can make your own juice from fresh fruits

Sugary beverages like fancy coffee drinks and sweetened tea

Alcohol intake

Energy drinks since most of them contain sugar and caffeine

The best drink that one should take for wedding fitness is water and this should be taken in plenty. To find the amount of water that you should consume per day, divide your weight into two and the result is equal to the number of ounces you should take each day.

Workouts Exercising helps in burning some calories and this should be done most days.  Adopt a good workout plan and you can even hire a personal trainer to show you some routines. Finding a partner to exercise with you is also advisable for more motivation which can help. Some exercises for wedding fitness include:

Step aerobics for the hips, bum and legs

Weight lifting for toning muscles and burning some fats

Fun activities like cycling, swimming, jogging or even walking

A Wedding Fitness Tip

Try not to overdo on your exercising because this can cause more harm than good and observe any safety precautions. You can find workout plans for your wedding fitness in some magazines or even in some DVDs produced by professional trainers.

With the proper information, it can be very easy to attain the desired body fitness by the time the big day arrives.  Be disciplined enough to follow the weight loss program you come up with and always reward yourself every time you achieve a certain goal as this will motivate you even more!  Best of luck!