Apple Cider Vinegar Diet Review

Getting a fit body is probably humankind’s most intense obsession, next to gaining money. And this obsession has made them go extremes up to the extent of consuming vinegar just to lose weight.

Apple Cider Vinegar Diet Details

Apple cider vinegar, which is sometimes called ACV is actually an acidic solution that is produced when apples are fermented.

It is said that it has a fat burning effect, which is due to the mixture of fruit pectin and acidic vinegar.

This can be obtained from apple juice’s fermentation.

The mixture also has important minerals, vitamins and trace elements, along with acetic acid, lactic acid, propionic acid, amino acids, enzymes, and roughage that could be found in the form of apple pectin and potash.

The whole fermentation process gives alcoholic apple cider, which is mixed with oxygen to come up with acetic acid.

You do not have to worry about acidity since the pH of ACV is very much favorable to the body.

This diet is considered to be one of the detox types of diets, which generally flushes out the toxins from your body.


1. If you want a cheap way to get rid of your body’s toxins and lose weight, then the apple cider vinegar regimen may work for you. This kind of vinegar is pretty cheap in contrast to other diet programs, food supplements, pills and foods out in the market.

2. This diet can help you especially if you have constipation. This is because as aging continues, your body starts delaying the production of digestive enzymes, digestive acids and pepsin thereby causing constipation.

When you take the ACV diet, you also add fiber to your diet, like pectin, which can be found in this vinegar. This helps your body to process natural bowel movements so that you can properly get rid of body wastes.

3. Going under the ACV diet would also help you have lower blood pressure due to its potassium and other substances that could make your blood thinner. Hence, hypertension would be improved.


1. One negative point of this diet, is that there is really no documented evidence of vinegar’s claimed benefits. There is a lack of credible data and medical studies on the vinegar’s components and how it reacts with the body.

2. If you’re looking for food that tastes great and that can keep you fit, then this diet is not for you. Just like any other vinegar, apple cider vinegar sports a pungent taste that can be outright repulsive if you’re quite sensitive on that kind of food factor.

3. Too much intake of ACV can cause damage to your teeth’s enamel, along with throat and stomach irritation. You can also develop bone loss and potassium deficiency if you undergo long-term use.

4. This diet is not recommended if you’re undergoing some kind of medication, since the vinegar can have adverse effects with the medicine that you are taking.


This diet is generally hard to recommend since it still lacks the backing of enough scientific data to prove that it is a hundred percent safe for the body.

Although there are people who have claimed to have positive weight loss effects, long term use is still questionable.