HIIT Exercises At Home

HIIT training is taking the fitness world by storm, and now more and more people like you are performing HIIT exercises at home to literally propel themselves towards their health and fitness goals.

It’s not a magic formula for weight loss, but when you see your HIIT training results you’ll certainly feel like it’s magic.

I’m sure you know what it is like. You start a new diet and the weight begins to drop off. Then, after you’ve dropped a few pounds of fat, your progress begins to tail off. Maybe even becomes stagnant.

This is a precarious time. It your fat remains stubborn, and you just can’t seem to lose weight, then you might lose motivation and without impetus. And if this happens?

Your weight loss is doomed. You’ve reverse direction and start putting on all the fat you had previously lost.

But that’s where HIIT exercises at home come in. It might just be the thing that will break those chains and literally propel your weight loss and give you that motivation and momentum you need to reach your ideal weight.

Performing HIIT Exercises At Home

There are many exercises you can use to perform your HIIT training. Personally, I like to keep it varied. Mix it up a bit.

Or you can just stick to the same one. Whatever suits you to help you reach your goals. At the end of the day, you’ve got to do the things that keep you motivated.

I think the most common exercise for HIIT training at home is the stationary exercise bike. These are great bits of kit and very convenient.

Make sure you warm up thoroughly then crank up the gears and perform a minute at 90 percent maximum effort followed by a minute at 50 percent maximum effort. Repeat this until you have completed 10 intervals.

Sound easy? Give it a try and then tell me if it’s easy!

If you are new to HIIT training, then you’ll probably find this a little too tough at first. There’s nothing wrong with that. Knowing your limitations is a good thing. Only then can you push the boundaries. If so, start off with 30 second sprint intervals followed by 2 minutes of rest intervals, and only perform 5 sprints in total.

Rowing is another great HIIT exercise to perform at home, as is cross training, stepping, and even running. Any of these aerobic exercise are good.

I use the stationary bike and the cross trainer for my HIIT exercises at home. I’ve tried HIIT training at the gym with the rowing machine, but I find it too gruelling on my lower back. It’s a disc thing. So I’ve eliminated that idea for good.

But you don’t need any of these pieces of equipment to perform your HIIT training.

Training At Home Without Equipment

You needn’t buy yourself expensive equipment to benefit from HIIT training results. Bodyweight exercises are the perfect solution.

During each session, you can chose just one exercise, or pick a selection and rotate them.

My favourite bodyweight exercises are squat thrusts, burpees, squats, and star jumps. All you have to do is follow the same procedure above in terms of interval duration and quantity using one of these exercises for each HIIT interval.

The good thing about using these bodyweight exercises is that you will get a great all over body workout, which is great for muscle tone and core strength training. Something you’ll miss out on if using the stationary bike for example.