Think & Shrink Hypnosis Program Review

The Think & Shrink Hypnosis Program is not a kind of diet or exercise but offers a revolutionary method for losing weight.

It focuses greatly on the importance of hypnosis and how it can significantly change the way you look at food.

There are several clinical trials that prove the effectiveness of hypnosis for weight loss.

Reports show that hypnotherapy can help individuals get over food cravings or avoid falling into the problem of yo-yo dieting.

Hypnosis will help you lose fat effectively and permanently, since you no longer put yourself at risk for getting back into bad old habits and binge eating.

The package includes 90 megabytes in zip file format which contains 3 types of audio file in MP3 format, plus a couple of bonus reports.

Complete instructions will also be included in the program.

The hypnotherapy session lasts 43 minutes while the mini session lasts 12 minutes.

You can expect your brain to be rewired to eat less and exercise more.

The short session allows you to stay disciplined and consistent on a daily basis so you can continually reinforce the changes.


1. The program is proven safe and effective.

You dont have to undergo painful surgery or take harmful drugs to permanently stay away from fatty and unhealthy foods. All changes will be natural, so you dont have to worry about side effects.

2. You will experience several good changes in the way you act and perceive food.

Expect to wake up early naturally to exercise or eating less. You will start to crave for healthy and natural foods and lose interest in fatty ones.

3. The Think & Shrink Hypnosis Program costs only $39.95, which is much cheaper and convenient compared to going for counseling and therapy sessions with a professional.

Professional fees can balloon up to $300 or more depending on your condition.

4. The package includes several items that will ensure weight loss success.

Inclusions are the full hypnotherapy session, the mini hypnotherapy session, the guided visualization to boost metabolism and reduce set point and step-by-step directions on how to use the program.

You also get 2 bonus reports like using the law of attraction and secret mind tricks.5. Changes are relatively quick, with some people experiencing benefits after the first session.


1. Hypnosis may not be enough to encourage other individuals to drastically lose weight. Some individuals need more measures to change their mindset about food.

2. Some changes can be slow for others, which can lead to halted growth and progress.

3. The two sessions may not be enough for the long term. More sessions with unique input may be needed later on.


The Think & Shrink Hypnosis Program is a great help for individuals who want to lose weight effectively.

It is an excellent tool for those who want to stay motivated in their exercise and diet programs.

Although some may need more inputs later on, the product proves to be quite useful in letting you reach your weight goals.